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What my Clients are saying

Read through my client's testimonials, they may be helpful if you find yourself in a similar emotionally adverse situation.


 I was going through an emotionally difficult situation due to the unexpected death of my mother, in addition to some changes in the company and others in my personal life because I felt totally alone, and I was tired of trying to find a partner and thousands of disappointments about it.


         Alain helped me find that inner peace in the changes I was going through, as well as opening my mind and heart to opportunities, especially love. 


         The truth is that I had already given up, I thought I would never be able to find that special person for me.


         We worked on a series of exercises and tools to recognize the value of myself, to learn to love myself. 


         As a result of the work I did with him, I opened my mind and my heart and soon I had the opportunity to meet several people, and among them I found the love I had always been looking for. 


Today I am happy and fulfilled in both my personal and professional life thanks to everything I worked on with Alain. Thank you Alain!


When my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I instantly knew that Alain would be an excellent coach for him to find emotional support and direction in handling his difficult life situation.  Alain is not only empathic, he is also sufficiently intelligent and educated that I know he would be able to assist my husband. As our family process progressed on this cancer road, Alain picked up on the fact that I could also use support for the situation I was having to live through, as the partner of the patient, as well as the now sole economic provider for the family. I have since been working with him in order to maintain my emotional stability both for my own benefit as well as to provide stability of my children.  Working with Alain has brought me out of a functional depression to a place where I am re-learning to enjoy my life even under adverse circumstances.  Alain´s support has been instrumental in turning this life altering situation into a growth opportunity for all of us. I am deeply thankful to him for his presence and assistance. 


"I had just become a widow, an event that impacted all aspects of my life and thanks to the support and follow-up that Alain gave me, I gradually recovered my emotional stability.  Alain's way of approaching the tools of emotional perspective coaching, as well as its use, led me to an empowerment that allowed me to get out of the situation of boycott I was in. His methodology is clear and forceful. The level of listening is compassionate and empathic, which allows to create a bond of trust and vulnerability for the defunding of limiting beliefs. The journey was undoubtedly lighter thanks to Alain's professionalism, responsibility and commitment to me."