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What is Coaching For Me...

Over the past 20 years of coaching professional practice I have come the realization that I love what I do, because I get to be present for my clients.

Think for a moment about something you've been wanting to achieve in your personal or professional life for a while now...

So… You most probably woke up from a day dream. Everything is so clear… what you see and feel, and how you are going to achieve it. You are so inspired and motivated, ready to go out there and paint your grain of sand in the universe.

You open the door of your heart to share to the world how you are going to change lives for the better with your great new idea, you are a human being with a mission and a vision.

…and, puff… you shy out.

The world is too big, and you feel so small, or you start sharing your ideas get rejected over and over again, or you loose confidence in your idea because you have no prior experience on how to perform on it, and you feel like an impostor.

You do not want to give up, you know what you feel is true, so you keep on trying to convince everyone around you that you have found a way to make things better, but… It just does not seem like enough.

Everyone is so preoccupied with their own worries, your idea seems to them like wishful thinking, or something way out of their reach to obtain.


Maybe you already manifested your idea, you realized your dream and everything is working for you, but…

You feel there is more to the way you can connect to your true power, you want to give back so your talents can impact positively in the lives of others...

Does that sound familiar…?

Sometimes the only thing we need to go out there and live our wildest dreams in our personal life and our professional business role is not to feel alone, loose self doubt, get objective feedback on our intention and feel empowered to let our light out. That is where my coaching comes in.


* A relationship with care and connection, empowerment, a space for you to discover your gifts and talents; thrive with purpose to influence your leadership and attain your goals.

* Facing the emotional challenges of life with specific tools in an effective way, feeling at peace, putting an end to overwhelm and anxiety.

* Connecting with your truth and becoming intuitively certain to make effective choices and efficient decisions.

* Performing at your highest physical, mental and emotional capacity

* Living healthy, committed and productive personal, professional and organizational relationships.

If you would like to know more about me and developing your ability to respond for your past, adapt to your present and attract your future…

Click on the following link to Schedule a 15min. free discovery call,

We can get to know each other and find out if we are a match to work together,

and if so,

...get clarity about your situation to design a customized program that can enable you to Discover Your Personal Power and Thrive in Your Ventures and Relationships.


Alain Phillips

Emotional Resilience Coach & Trainer

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