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Trust and Emotions

When it comes to relationships. Trust is the glue that holds them together. Trust in oneself that is transferred to the other or others involved in the relationship.

Trust comes from confidence in our own competence to respond for our ongoing present with purpose.

Purpose can be the final outcome; what we desire to feel and desire for others to feel.

If Purpose is a representation of what we desire to experience for ourselves and others…

…Purpose is fulfilled by purposeful proposals that can fulfill the agreed expectations, or even modify them if purpose outgrows such agreed expectations, as the relationship evolves for the benefit of all parties involved.

An infinite diversity of perspectives about social structures and behavioural expectations within those social structures can sometimes make it hard to do what we do by choice instead of expectation…

…Becoming aware of our individual ability to choose is so important, so we can find a sense of freedom and connectedness in everything that we do and trust ourselves to become able to trust others.

If a relationship is only about meeting each other’s interests, the relationship can become meaningless and disposable.


If the purpose of the relationship is to make a meaningful impact in the life of those involved, then there is something to be loyal to.

Ask yourself as you approach the relationship…

What is the emotional outcome that I desire to experience in this relationship?

What is the emotional outcome I want the significant others involved to experience when they connect with me?

Alain Phillips

Relationship & Emotional Resilience Coach and Organizational Trainer

+1 604 710 42 02

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