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The Power of Intuitive Intelligence

Although sometimes scary it is to step into the unknown, we do it every day, and every minute and every instant, nothing about our future has ever been certain.

It is our intuitive intelligence that guides the way, our ability to feel free to feel the emotions we sense.

Emotional insight leads the way for practical knowledge and intelligence to perform.

Transformation is about stepping into our feelings to receive emotional insights, that can feed our logical intelligence a clear path to harmonic execution of ideas.

So long as what we desire to feel while performing is clear, how we achieve it manifests in the relationships that are drwan to that feeling.

Organizationally, the structure of the performing roles must allow space for emotional manifestation, which can result in creative emotional insights that lead the path from individual to collective collaboration.

Alain Phillips

Relationship & Emotional Resilience Coach and Organizational Trainer

+1 604 710 4202

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