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Live a present that creates a past worth remembering and the vision of a future worth living for.

I believe the most exciting thing about life is that perspective gives it meaning, and the most powerful is that you get to choose it.

Whatever you are feeling about the circumstances, situations, and events in your life, will determine your life experience and perception of reality. Emotions are like the soundtrack of our present.

What if you could choose what to feel about the circumstances, situations, and events in your life and influence positively their outcome without having to try and control and stress about how to act?

Here is a transformational story, there is a before and an after, and the most amazing thing is that both the before and the after are the same story, just lived from a different perspective.

There is a very powerful mindset technique that my clients use to become able to tune into their desired life soundtrack and instead of reacting to their emotions, thoughts, and feelings have a conscious choice about what they give their attention to, what meaning they give to their life and how they act purposefully about it.

Read carefully and enjoy the transformation!

The more I judge myself into perfection and expectation, the more I draw attention and judgment from others to myself, shining a light backward, at my past.

Analyzing where I am not perfect? What did I do wrong? What mistake did I make?

How is what I am seeing and doing and living satisfying my dreams and ambitions?

Why!!!!! everyone out there seems to be living their dreams, but me?

I judge myself and others, and in doing so, I am seduced to live in the safety and comfort of my known reality, hidden in dissatisfaction, so I walk forward frightened in uncertainty, darkness, and doubt.

I justify my fear by following the "normal" the "expected" and the "approved", even if a voice says it's wrong, it's unhealthy, it is not what I would long for, or what aligns with what I really desire.

What the hell! don’t be so harsh on yourself, ok, just one more, there is no harm, look! Everyone is doing it if it was wrong someone would have already done something about it

…but wait!!! There is something wrong and I know it…!!! So, I punish myself for doing it again, I feel worthless now, I should have known better, so I gratify myself and, start all over again. This time it will be different… Can I ever escape this loop??!!!

A veil of inner unspoken frustration that is expressed through control and aggression. Power and fear… inner negotiation, expectation and conflict, self-doubt, and disbelief.

I settle for the known, even if it bores me, it feels safe although still dissatisfying, it arouses inner conflict that I rather suppress because what if they know what I know that no one else knows?

I rather keep it to myself, I lie to myself to appease my turmoil “my time will come”, so for now, no vision or influence, a dull and safe reality.

A fake and judgmental smile, in the safety of my unspoken thoughts and the critique of those who fail to try and escape what is designed to be how it is supposed to be.

A laughter that is inspired by mock, rather than joy, because a true smile hurts too much!

I rather sleep it off and become numb; the unknown has become impossible again.

Just do as I am told, follow a drawn path, shut that inner defying voice, that dream I long for, the one I keep only for myself, my fantasy, and my precious Gold that I hold tight in my heart by so much pain and sacrifice.

I have so much fear of sharing it… what if someone steals it from me or dares judge it and destroys the only fantasy that keeps me going.


I am who and what I choose to be for, therefore I am free!

Shine a light into my human nature; a playful, pro-positive, and purposeful, choice full present being.

I imagine and feel, contemplate, appreciate, and do to contribute and share in the everlasting joyful game of inspired creation.

I am present, shining my every step in a moment of awesomeness! Discovery! Unique elation and bliss! A light shines through me in every step of this adventure!

Laughter and joy, I am curious, I am creative, and passionate!

How can I be of service and purposefully be present for you, so your eyes shine on me?

Connected in wholehearted engagement with a shared vision and inspiring memories.

A realization that I am one continuous moment, that is in contributing to a shining vision where I can co-create and contribute to the future, trusting that my attention can be in the now! In each other, by your side, in full appreciation of your presence! In presence of you and the light in your eyes! Of Life! Movement! Change! Transformation! Everlasting shared appreciative evolution and peace.

The satisfaction of witnessing my path through the impact I have on you reflects on me and shines the path for my next step towards the love of my life, my beating heart, and a tear of joy!

My laughter is inspired by the celebration and appreciation of the possible and available!

You are everyone, everything, and all, and one where life shines and your attention goes.

I am the presence of the light that I choose to shine. I can contribute to creating the reality I dream about with ease in every compassionate shared moment.

I am the change, I am the evolution, I am the peace and love in every emotion, in every intent, attitude, word, and action.

I am present for life!

I choose to shine by living a present that creates a past worth remembering and a vision of a future worth living for!

I appreciate you now! I celebrate you now! I receive you now! I give it now! I do it now! I kiss you now! I venture now!

I choose now!

Alain Phillips Yeroham

February 9th, 2023

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