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How To Face Your Fears & Love Again

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

How to face your fears and feel the desire to love again, even if you have emotional baggage

So, after a long time, you think you are ready for dating again?

Let me ask you something… When was the last time you went out on a date?

Still experiencing anxiety or not feeling confident enough?

Putting yourself out there, after previously being hurt emotionally is hard… You do not want to get hurt again.

The emotional baggage from your past may be preventing you from being present in current relationships or make you constantly compare the past to the present and get stuck in what worked and did not work, leading you to feel trapped into negativity.

Because of this you may have already missed out on new relationships and experiences.

If this sounds familiar, here is a strategy for you to feel confident again, loose the anxiety and start meeting new people again:

This strategy will help you let go of the strong emotions that are holding you back from experiencing the present, and can free yourself to live new experiences that a new partner has to offer.

The Shift From Loss To Benefit Strategy

Yo might be feeling that all the love you felt in your relationship left you with that special someone when the relationship ended, but… Guess What?

It did not!

All the love you felt in your past relationship came from you, you created it out of the desire to give it to that special someone.

So because you created it, it is still inside you.

Let me ask you something now…

What if you where able to reach for all that love again and focused it on moving on with your life?

How much energy can you feel is in there for you?

Shifting from loss to benefit is one part of the process to heal the emotional pain and suffering from the past, so you can move on to a fulfilling life and love again in a healthy, committed relationship.

If you want to take action on this strategy, here is how I can help, send me a private message to set up an appointment for a complimentary 45 minute call where we can work together on getting clarity and creating a plan for your situation. If during our call we find we are a match, we can go ahead with the coaching plan we designed together, if not, that is ok too.

Send me the message now, I am only able to receive a limited number of people.

Talk soon!

Alain Phillips Yeroham

Emotional Resilience Expert

Relationship Life Coach & Organizational Trainer

mobile: +1 604 7104202

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