Expectations & Relationships

I believe the quality of our relationships manifests in the quality of both our personal and professional life.

Behind every thought, intent, motivation and action there is always an emotion that gives it meaning, and such meaning influences our relationships, and our life expression and performance.

Emotions are a vehicle of self expression, communication and social perception. We can’t see them, but we can definitely feel them. If we try to control them or resist them, we easily end up frustrated, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, even burnt out.

The emotions we hold on to, as a product of past and present relationships or life events, often influence the perspective we have towards current relationships and events.

Being able to live the present in a relationship can get us into a sense of flow and enthusiasm that motivates our growth and satisfaction.

Sometimes, social relationship structures, which I refer to as ventures; on the professional arena: corporate structures, businesses, enterprises, partnerships, boss and employee, investor and entrepreneur, teams, and so many others, can get in the way of the inspiration and connection we first created as individuals. This usually happens when we feel expectations from the social roles that are expected of such ventures…


…in the personal atmosphere: husband and wife, father or mother and son or daughter, friendship and intimate relationships.

There are so many labels that can complicate how we relate to each other, and either limit the connection that first brought us together with expectations, or strengthen it with purpose.

Then… we take what ever experience we have had in such venture in the past, and expect that all similar ventures that feel familiar can cause the same outcome we experienced.

Permeating our present ventures with it, and somehow we find ourselves to be right, the same, some times even hurtful experiences, keep on repeating themselves.

But, why? …and how can we break such a cycle?

I have a possible answer that has worked for 100's of my clients.

I invite you to ponder upon a mind-shift from expectations to proposals. Every time you want to relate to someone, instead of relating through an expectation, make a proposal that allows the significant other to make another proposal from. Experience the flow as the relationship grows with new agreements build by free will.

Remember how all your relationships started?

Was is a proposal?

I have served as a Relationship and Emotional Resilience Coach & Trainer for the past 20 years, and I am on a personal mission to help those who I serve enjoy healthy, engaged and meaningful relationships; more so, experience a fearless, loving and caring connection with themselves and others, so they can move on from whatever emotion or belief they are holding on to, and thrive in their personal and professional ventures.

Alain Phillips

Relationship & Emotional Resilience Coach and Organizational Trainer

+1 604 710 4202