Team Meeting


Ignite the intuitive intelligence of your workforce to improve decision-making, focus, engagement, communication, creativity, innovation and productivity.

Are you or your co-workers experiencing any of the following?
  • Un-collaborative environment;

  • Poor communication between different areas of your organization;

  • Long meetings and poor engagement;

  • Lack of patience to follow guidelines and procedures;

  • Overwhelmed with the workload;

  • Feeling burned-out?

  • Having a hard time dealing with difficult people in customer service...

How much are any of these problems costing your company every day?

Are you ready to do something about it, and turn things around for Better Performance and Productivity?

Based on HeartMath’s 20+ years of published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience, The Resilience Advantage program provides a powerful skillset and engaging technology to prepare you and your organization to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity.


This best-in-class program is used by the US Navy, hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies world-wide.

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Proven outcomes for your organization include:

  • Reduced stress and its related symptoms like burnout and sleep deficiency among others;


  • Improved individual and organizational communication;


  • Real engagement in a healthy productive and harmonious workspace; 

  • Smarter time management and productivity;

  • Enhanced efficient decision making;


  • Increased group and team collaboration for efficient individual and organizational performance;​​


  • ​Improved ability to effectively deal with difficult people, deadlines and other challenging situations.

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