Live in Love & Joy Again!

I have gathered 20+ years of relationship coaching experience, and 30+ years of scientific proven techniques to help single, divorced and widowed women heal the emotional pain from their past relationships, so they can move on to live a fulfilling life and attract the love of their life in a healthy committed relationship.

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Live in Love & Joy Again!

How Single, Divorced and Widowed Men & Women Heal from the Past, and Attract Love in A Healthy Committed Relationship.
(Even if they have been alone for years)


  • The step-by-step process for men & women to heal the past and move on, so they can attract love again, even if they are secretly terrified they're going to end up alone forever.


  • Why having relationship expectations are NOT a good strategy to attract a healthy committed relationship, and how anyone can experience a real meaningful human connection when they meet someone new.


  • How my clients easily access their intuitive power and make wise relationship choices, even if they felt like they're not good enough, or believe their chance at love again has passed.


  • How men & women put an end to the repeating unhealthy relationship pattern, while discovering how to manage their emotional power, and the practical method that helps them attract love in the form of a healthy committed relationship.


And… how to do all of this, while you experience a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Book a free 45 minute call to meet each other and work together on getting clarity about your individual situation. If during our call we find we are a match, we can go ahead with the online program, if not, that is ok too.


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