Basic Emotional Perspective 
Live Online Workshop

The most intimate relationships, whether personal or professional, can sometimes be the ones that cause us the most stress and anxiety, and the ones we most want to experience a quality connection with, because we really care.

Live Healthy, Meaningful and Engaging Relationships with ease.

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The 4 week live online course that will guide you to Live Healthy, Meaningful and Engaging Relationships With Ease.

  • Discover and recover your personal power from all the beliefs and emotions that hold you to your past, heal your emotional wounds, and move on to fulfill the relationships you dream about

  • Respond resiliently and purposefully, choose how to act instead of reacting, as you enjoy an authentic fearless connection with yourself and others

  • Live the intuitive, and timeless flow of the present within healthy, meaningful and engaging relationships

  • Manifest the quality of life you desire with ease.

And... how to do all of this, while you experience a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Workshop Delivery: 4 weeks, 1 weekly online group session of 90min; total of 6hrs.


This is a practical workshop; all tools, strategies and techniques provided are of of seamless use, and easily adhere to your every day activities on the go.

Begin 2023 with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and connection to manifest the quality of life you desire with ease. 


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Next Workshop begins  January 9th, 2023.

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