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Life & Business Coach + Organizational Trainer

Emotional Resilience Expert


"The most exciting thing about life is that perspective gives it meaning". -Alain Phillips

With a keen and density perception of human nature and 20 years of professional experience, Alain has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations thrive through emotionally adverse situations. He finds personal fulfillment in connecting with, helping, uplifting, coaching and habilitating fellow human beings and organizations to positively achieve their personal, organizational and professional goals. 

Alain believes social and community capital is the most valuable and satisfying life asset an individual and organization can experience, and dedicates most of his time to creating and enriching personal and professional relationships. 

After studying Law School and serving as a development instructor volunteer in Angola, Africa; in 2002, at the age of 24, Alain realized that emotional adversity was the source of the majority human conflict. He started a Creative Life and Business Solutions Consulting professional practice, which soon turned into Life & Business Coaching with the purpose of empowering his clients to thrive through emotional adversity.


In 2009,  Alain felt stuck in one of his social business ventures; in a destructive relationship and without being able to pay the bills. He was trying hard to move forward but nothing seemed to work for him.


That same year his father passed away and his whole family, including himself went bankrupt trying to save him. 


Stress and overwhelm had the best of him, he got depressed and ill to the point of almost loosing his life. The doctor told him that due to his illness and condition his chances of recovery where slim to none.


With a three month to live prognosis, the only thing that  gave him strength to stay alive was the desire to see his two year old son grow up to become a man. Such strength in that desire, helped him start to see his reality from a different perspective. He studied his coaching logbooks and devised a coaching method for himself he now calls The Emotional Perspective Coaching Method.

One year and a half after practicing his own coaching method, Alain was able to thrive through his health, financial and relationship adverse situation, and started living the life he had always desired.

During the past 10 years, Alain has successfully shared the Emotional Perspective Coaching Method with hundreds of individuals and organizations through 1-on-1 coaching sessions, workshops, retreats, advisory and consulting services.

To compliment his coaching method, Alain has became a Certified HeartMath Resilience Advantage Organizational Trainer, a Points of You certified facilitator, Bioneuroemoción Practitioner and a Certified Power Coaching Life Coach.

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"If you dare to be authentic and develop your ability to express what you have always truly desired with all your faith, the recognition of yourself is the greatest prize to share with the world."

Dare you?

 - Alain Phillips -