If you feel there is more to the way you can connect to your true power, so your talents can impact positively in the lives of others...

You have arrived in the right place!

Develop your ability to respond for your past, adapt to your present and attract your future…

Meet Alain Phillips

Emotional Resilience Coach & Organizational Trainer

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I Help my clients Discover Their Personal Power, Build Their Resilience Capacity and Access Their Intuition to Thrive In Their Ventures and Relationships. 


Personal Power: Discover your talents and develop your ability to respond for your purpose, influence your leadership and attain your goals.


Resilience Capacity: Develop emotional agility and be able to prepare for, adapt to and recover from stressful situations, putting an end to overwhelm and anxiety.

Intuitive Access: Connect with your truth and become certain to make effective choices and efficient decisions.


Thrive: Perform at your highest physical, mental and emotional capacity and live healthy, committed and productive personal, professional and organizational relationships.

  • Discover Your Personal Power

  • Shift from Stress to Wellbeing

  • Overcome Emotional Adversity With Certainty

  • Thrive in Your Ventures and Relationships

Are you a world changer? An overachiever?  A High Performance Entrepreneur, Leader, Sales Person, Advisor, Mentor or Coach?

Then this is for you… 


When you decide to be in the front line of your professional life; taking the initiative to make your dreams a reality can seem scary. Most of the choices and decisions you make are based on incomplete information, and it is up to you to fill in the blank spaces for others to follow.


Leaders have professional and personal roles that others look up to and formulate expectations about, because their results have a direct impact on almost all other social personal and professional roles, who usually depend on their success.


In these professional roles, uncertainty and stress are a constant, and can make you hesitate, doubt or even awaken experiences, emotions and beliefs that can limit you from reaching your highest potential and goals, even get you circumstantially stuck, like you are always one step away from getting there...

Ease and flow are the required skills you need to master for success in your ventures.

Uncertainty can turn into fear causing you to become indecisive, self-sabotage, avoid commitment, procrastinate, be anxious or even irritable, causing emotional turmoil, overwhelm and worry, all of which can affect your professional, organizational, and even your personal relationships. 


The amount of responsibility you handle has a high impact in other peoples lives, therefore consequences of your actions are not to be taken lightly.


  • What if... you could lower your stress, putting an end to its damaging symptoms that affect your body, mind, behavior and emotions?


  • What if... you could purposely use emotions to give specific meaning to your personal and professional interactions, presentations and ventures?


  • What if... you could access your intuitive power to make effective choices and efficient decisions?


  • What if... you could experience real purpose and connectedness within all your relationships?

  • What if... you could achieve and manifest your wildest dreams!


…And so many more benefits that come with discovering your personal power.


Emotional Resilience is a capacity, a source of energy that can be intentionally built up, much in the same way that you can build physical capacity by training or enhance mental skills with practice. 


There is a science proven method with more than 30 years of scientific studies to back it up, and more than 20 years of professional experience as a Resilience Coach awaiting for you in the other side of the “Begin Now" Button.


Put a definitive end to anxiety and overwhelm and begin the emotional perspective journey of yourself.


Meaning… you can develop your ability to respond for your past, adapt to your present and attract your future. 


If you would like to know more, click the button bellow to schedule a 15min. free discovery call, where we can get to know each other and find out if we are a match to work together, and if so, get clarity about your situation to design a customized program that can enable you to Discover Your Personal Power and Thrive in Your Ventures and Relationships.

Choose Your Path

Practical solutions to help you lower your stress, revitalize and restore your mental, emotional and physical balance. 

Scientific research shows that the emotional system can be self-regulated with the practice of certain skills,in the same way that techniques and practice are required to learn and develop mental or athletic abilities.

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Online Workshop

The Resilience Perspective

How to Lower Your Stress, Revitalize and Restore Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Balance, so You Can Experience Healthy, Committed and Productive Personal, Professional and Organizational Relationships.

(Even if you are overwhelmed by your everyday relationships)

  • ​The ON THE GO step-by-step process to lower your stress and restore your mental, emotional and physical balance, even if your everyday activities and relationships stress you out and you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Why relying only on meditation practices and mindfulness is not enough to build up a strong emotional resilience that can maintain a bulletproof mindset, and how to access your unlimited source of emotional energy and power to create an invulnerable mindset.

  • How my clients are able to heal emotionally and face life's emotional challenges with specific tools to cope effectively and feel at peace. Even if they are dealing with adverse situations and difficult people.

  • How to put an end to the health damaging stress symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and reduced ability to concentrate amongst others, while discovering a practical method to create and maintain healthy, committed and productive personal, professional and organizational relationships to improve your quality of life.

And... how to do all of this, while you experience a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

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"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore." ANDRE GIDE.