Thrive Through Emotional Adversity

Emotional Resilience Coaching & Training

Meet Alain Phillips

Life & Business Coach + Organizational Trainer

Emotional Resilience Expert

I help my clients gain more poise, clarity and endurance when facing the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that is caused by emotionally adverse situations related to relationships, decision making, time management, health and overall energy and vitality. 

My Coaching Sessions, Workshops, and Retreats provide a practical framework of science based and proven emotional Self-Regulation tools and strategies to thrive through emotional adversity.

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I help my clients gain more poise, clarity and endurance to thrive through stress and anxiety related to situations regarding :


Time Management

Decision Making


Overall Energy & Vitality

Thrive Through Emotional Adversity


Are you experiencing a difficult time?

You want change and do not know where to start?

Are you pressured to make a decision?

You know what you want or need but you don't dare to make the leap?

Do you find yourself repeating the same mistake over and over again? 


Trying too hard to achieve your goals without the expected results?  


Do you feel anxiety or stuck in feelings of fear, anger, frustration, sadness, overwhelm or just overall stress? 

A lot to do and never enough time to get it done?


Are your feelings negatively affecting your relationships or everyday performance?

Do you constantly feel tired, fatigued or are you burned out?

If you answered yes to any or more than one of this questions, and you want to do something positive about it...

Choose Your Path

Business Meeting

Thrive with personal professional guidance 

Learn and practice user-friendly strategies and techniques to thrive

At some point we all need a time away to have a look within and find our inner strength to thrive

Professional & Organizational

  • Productivity 

  • Leadership

  • Staff motivation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team building


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore.¨ ANDRE GIDE.

What my clients are saying

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Perle Ponce

Coach Alain helped me reconnect with myself and manage my emotions positively. It is an incredible experience, I highly recommend him.

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Bruno Cabrera

I am enriched by learning a new way to transform daily challenges, past experiences and future desires. The techniques are easy to apply to the circumstances of my life. I value your willingness to help and instruct this workshop.

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Maria Ester Nieto

With Alain's talent to help me build trust and fulfillment, one year ago I formulated the highest and most crazy desire, a few weeks ago my dream materialized. If a voice deep inside asks for practical tools to generate the changes that your professional, emotional and spiritual life craves... you came to the right person.

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David Zannoni

Alain is a great sparring partner to help turn ideas into reality. He has been truly helpful in streaming our business strategy. He is able to speak and inspire both in Spanish and English as well as understand and build on the strengths of cultural diversity.

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Elisa Zaga

I loved going to the retreat and discovering the strength and vitality I needed to open a new vision for my life. I appreciate this new safe and well being path. Thank you Alain, today and forever God Bless You.


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