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Heal Emotionally
Live Purposefully
Influence Positively

Break free from reactivity and awaken to your authenticity and trust, so you can live a present that creates a past worth remembering and leads the vision of a future worth living for.

If you want to break free from the auto-pilot reactive mode that has you feeling stuck, displeased, or doubting how to step into your authenticity and trust, so you can share your true potential, and create a meaningful impact through your capacities and gifts.



 A practical, insightful, powerful, and proven approach to courageously overcome fear, heal emotionally, live purposefully, and influence positively, awakening to your authenticity and trust, so you can live the life you dream about with ease.


Imagine waking up every day with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing that you are making a positive change in the world through your work.

Feeling poised and confident in your decisions, knowing you are aligned with your values.

Living a life that reflects your true passions, with healthy, meaningful, and engaging relationships; leading to a vision of a future worth living for.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion, and self-doubt, and step into your true power as a change-maker in the world.

So if you are experiencing any or all of the following:

  • Finding it difficult to have clarity of mind, you feel sped up, like there is always more to do, and less time to do it; too much information makes it hard to focus and make the right decisions.

  • Struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, or lack of clarity?

  • Carrying emotional baggage that is holding you back from being present for yourself, what you enjoy doing, and the people you care about?

  • Ruminating intrusive thoughts and memories that make you feel anger or fear, experiencing mood swings, or making it difficult to trust others?

  • Undergoing disconnect or displeasure in your intimate, personal, and/ or professional relationships?


And you desire the capacity to

  • Bounce back from negative experiences, challenges, and stress, handle difficult emotions, and recover quickly with a positive outlook 


  • Access your wisdom and listen to your inner voice, understanding your emotions, thoughts, and feelings to make effective choices and efficient decisions even in the face of adversity

  • Lead by influence rather than design, inspire, be resourceful, and convey your ability and trust your personal and professional growth and the evolution of your endeavors

  • Have more energy during and at the end of your day feeling elated when you glance at your performance and results

  • Live healthy, meaningful, and engaging relationships that result in a more fulfilling and satisfying life 

..And all this while appreciating a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm!

You have arrived at the right place!


​My name is Alain Phillips, for the past 20+ years now I have successfully been guiding, coaching, mentoring, and teaching my clients how to courageously overcome fear, heal emotionally, live purposefully, and influence positively, awakening to their authenticity and trust, so they can live the life they dream about with ease.

I work side by side with my clients to address the root cause of emotional reactiveness, empowering them to develop their ability to have peace of mind, make wise choices and take efficient decisions.

The coaching, healing, and training methodology is based on mastering practical and easy-to-follow Emotional Resilience, Intuitive Intelligence, and Relational Energetics Skills. 

I live peacefully and passionately and believe every human being is a universe. I am humbled to enable my clients to discover theirs easily, practically, and powerfully.

If you believe negative emotions are getting in the way of what you want, it is not the emotions, it is your reaction to them that is holding you back, probably feeling hurt, displeased, isolated or stuck.


There are no positive or negative emotions, there are only reactions or purposeful responses to emotions.


There is a practical way to develop your ability to respond purposefully for what you desire to feel, experience, and manifest in your life.

With the practical step-by-step, science-based, proven, and easy-to-use skillset I share with my clients, they are able to understand how their quantic mind works (feelings, emotions, desires) to guide and inspire their intellect (ideas, concepts, and notions) with clarity, insight, and wisdom, so they become able to:

  • Heal emotional wounds and trauma and be fully connected to their innermost self, their true essence, becoming able to express fully and authentically 


  • Restore their mental, emotional, and physical balance, becoming aware of their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs' role in creating their reality. Understanding that they are not just passive observers of their lives, but active co-creators of their experiences


  • End cycles of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout


  • Move past their fear of failure, exposure, self-doubt, and judgment and into certainty, authenticity, and purpose 


  • Transform inner conflict, friction, displease and disconnect in their relationships into healthy, meaningful, and engaging wholehearted connections, experiencing confidence, care, and self-awareness 

...And live in a constant state of Flow, getting out of the unpleasant life loops that hold them back feeling stuck, so they can have an elated timeless life experience and live the life they dream about with ease.

So, if you want to embody newfound clarity and purpose that guides your every move feeling grounded and trustful, with access to your internal compass and the tools and strategies to lead and manifest your life vision with ease...

Book a discovery call now and let's find out if we are a match to work together.

Talk soon!

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Alain Phillips
Emotional Resilience, Intuitive Intelligence & Relational Energetics Coach & Organizational Trainer

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Practical solutions to help you lower your stress, revitalize and restore your mental, emotional and physical balance. 

Scientific research shows that the emotional system can be self-regulated with the practice of certain skills,in the same way that techniques and practice are required to learn and develop mental or athletic abilities.

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